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  • Cpanel

    hacked Cpanel ,bullet prof spamming links

  • Scam page

    most updated antibot scam pages that can long up to 74 hours, if you cant find page you need then chat us, we can make any custom page within 2-4 hour

  • Windows RDP

    very strong and encrypted RDP, with green IP, means you can use this RDP for the dating site, carding, and can blast emails sandblaster cracked email

  • Email Leads

    Freshly hacked database Listed below, email leads for banks, CEO & CFO leads, office leads, company trader leads, yahoo,Gmail, AOL, if you need an

  • SMTP

    unlimited mass inbox smtp, that long last for months and can delver up to 50k at once, we have hacked SMTP, AWS smtp and other platforms to meet your needs,

  • Linux VPS

    we provide cheap Linus VPS, that allow mass scan and you can run Bruteforce, mass mailing, or any other pen-testing tools.

    our server is with 100% uptime and you can request any Linux/UNIX based operating system

  • sms Getway

    sms Getway find SMS gateway that send unlimited SMS to all countries with custom sender id

  • Tutorial

    learn Hacking things with private tutorial very rare things, we build it for you ,a complete guide to everything you wish to learn, like spamming, virus, hacking cpanel, hacking SMTP, building new scam page,

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