The refund policy of


  • We will refund full payment if Cpanel is not SSL secured, or the domain is not working

  • we will refund if the Cpanel is not bringing the result but in that case, we will test our normal page first then we will issue a refund

 SMTP/Webmail/PHP Mailer

  • we will refund the payment if SMTP/Webmail/PHP Mailer is not delivering your email, 

  • we do not guarantee of the limit of sending any emails amount so will not b able to refund your money if its stop working before then you expecting

  • some time SMTP does not work with a different type of sending software, our all SMTP tested with a sandblaster, so we recommend you to use sandblaster, if your email sending software not working our purchased SMTP and its working fine with sandblaster we still not able to refund your funds

  • we will not b able  to refund if it's sending into spam with your latter, because we test our sender with genuine massage and we list only inbox email sender if even normal txt going to spam we will able to refund but it has to b reported withn 1-2 hour after you buying

scam pages

  •     We only refund a scam page if it does not bring the results, or it brings the results but its empty, Full payment will b refund

  •     Our all scam pages are encrypted and antibots, we always test pages before List them on our website

  •     please always check pictures or video attached to the products so that you can clear your mind what exactly you paying for